Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Solutions

How Food & Herbs can Heal IBS

This ebook explains what can cause IBS and what you can do yourself to solve the problem at home.

Brett Elliott has helped over 100,000 people with his Herbal Health Programs

You’ll Learn:

What the statistics, symptoms. and potential causes of IBS look like from a holistic perspective

Understanding the gut brain connection, and how mental and emotional states affect IBS

What your Doctor would prescribe versus the natural solutions you can use at home, including specific herbs and foods 

What's involved in Brett Elliott's Herbal program for IBS and some success stories from other IBS sufferers

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Brett Elliott

Brett Elliott

About the Author

Brett has devoted his life to empowering people to make positive change. As a Medical Herbalist he has guided over 100,000 people through his herbal health programs.

"I believe that every person reaches a point in life where they say "I need to change". 

This is a positive thing, as we are all here on this earth to learn and to progress. When our health starts to become an issue for us then it's usually a trigger for positive action.

The question is, where to begin? I believe that all the solutions have been put on the earth for us to find by design and all we need to do is find them.

Herbal Medicine is one of those things, and herbs empower our body to heal. Along with this are specific foods for each condition. 

When these are combined with a positive attitude shift anything is possible.

Positive change is a good thing!"

Many Blessings

Brett Elliott